Camera and 360° kit

With our camera solutions and 360 ° kits, control your work environment and avoid any possible collisions.

From the simple camera with its monitor to the 360 ° Kit, we offer a complete range that will fit all your applications. Use this system alone or integrate it into a more complete solution with radar sensors, visual alarms, customizable horns, …

360 ° or reversing cameras meet today’s needs for workplace safety. Indeed, more and more accidents are happening, due to the large size of the machines.

<align=”justify”>We offer you cameras and their control monitors, quads to gathered different cameras image on one screen, and 270 ° or 360 ° kits to see all around the vehicle.

<align=”justify”>Our cameras can withstand all temperatures thanks to heated models. They are also designed to resist dust and shocks.

Cameras and monitor

Efa offers a wide range of cameras and monitors, including motorized color cameras, color cameras sold with or without a monitor with an integrated monitor.

360° camera kit

Efa offers a wide range of camera / monitor 360 degrees. They improve the safety of your vehicles and therefore of your operators. These are easily configurable kits that allow operators to see everything around the vehicle in one look.


Efa offers a wide range of quads for monitors and cameras. These are boxes to configure the best monitor and customize the screen. They offer different types of configurations (1 view, 2 views, 3 views, 4 views)