The sensors

Efa offers a wide range of rotary and position sensors as well as reliable and robust inclinometers.  A sensor transforms physical quantities into usable quantities. It also allows you to interpret voltages, positions, intensities and other data more simply and numerically.

Efa uses the manufacturer Curtiss Wright. Their products are safe and of high quality. The housings are resistant to adapt to your machines and vehicles. They offer 3 types of technologies: Hall effect, inductive technology and potentiometer. To be chosen according to your needs and your vehicles. The main advantage of Hall effect and inductive technologies is a longer service life since the two parts of the sensor are not in contact and therefore not subject to wear. The main advantage of the potentiometer is that it operates under very low current and with a wide voltage range, and is unaffected by magnetic fields.

Efa integrates in its know-how the marketing of various tested and verified sensors in order to bring you quality products. We also offer to help you choose the sensor that best suits your needs and integrate it into your solutions.


Efa offers 2 inclinometers capable of measuring the inclination of your machines and machines. Choose the sensor best suited to your machines and vehicles from two reliable and secure products.

Rotary sensors

Efa offers various rotary sensors capable of providing reliable angular measurements. Choose the sensor best suited to your vehicles and machines from a wide range.

Linear sensors

Efa offers various linear sensors capable of measuring the movements and position of your machines and machines. Choose the sensor that best suits your solution from a wide range.