ADAPTALARM – Sound equipment

Adaptalarm – Sound equipment – Can Bus

Ref : 115-100-003

The adaptalarm is an intelligent sound system, it adds a sound to a situation. Indeed, it allows the operator to stay focused on his work while listening to the alerts, advice or indication played by the adaptalarm. The adaptalarm “understand” your vehicle.

The software offers a simple and intuitive configuration. In addition, a website with a lot of sounds will be at your disposal to find the sounds that best suit your vehicles. Also, thanks to its waterproof IP67 and IK08 impact resistance, the product adapts to all your environments, even the harshest.

Therefore, this product will bring you safety, productivity and comfort. It is driving assistance which tends to become indispensable. The adaptalarm is available in three technical solutions: Can Only, Can + and Bus Free. Come and discover the one that suits the most to your solution.

Your creativity will make the difference.
Sound redundancy, sound confirmation, detection sounds, voice messages, advice, information, driving assistance…Our sensorial memory is an underestimate identification tool, it’s important to stimulate it in your product users.

Data sheet
Operating Manual

In the same way as images, the sound identity expresses values and constitutes a major element of the brand, boosting its attractiveness. Therefore, sound identity is for you a source of notoriety.
Let your machine express itself.
Give your machine a sound identity, thanks to a multi-sound alarm, a voice system, a talking alarm, a buzzer, a horn, a back-up alarm …


Sound designer, EFA France supports you in creating your sound identity.

We study your machine environment, we create your audio files, we give you access to a rich sound library, vocal sounds and messages and we can provide your fully customized adaptalarm.

We can also support you in the whole project with:

  • programming your machine,
  • providing a subassembly,
  • supply a plug and play solution with harnesses.


Adaptalarm can be use in several situations. It allow operator to stay focus on his current job throught listening adaptalarm indications.

Adaptalarm allow you to :

  • Play activation and confirmation sound (start, stop, connection …)
  • Give machine sensors status (position, speed, pressure,…)
  • Play alert sounds (Back-up alarm, horn, obstacle detection, tilt zone …)
  • Play end action sound (End stroke, level reached, required pressure reached …)
  • Preventive maintenance function: “revision to be envisaged in 2000 operating hours”; “100,000 movements, please lubricate the machine”

Because Adaptalarm can be CAN connected, there are a multitude of other possible applications. It’s up to you to find the ones that best suit your needs! Your creativity will make the difference.