Connected housing

Connected housing

The Sierra Modem Wireless is a mobile and secure connected box. It is designed to communicate vehicles data and allow the operator to communicate from his vehicle. It permits to connect to Ethernet and have a 4G Wifi connection in your vehicles. This box allows your operators to look at datas and information anytime, anywhere. Even on the most isolated place.
Communication between you and your operators will be easier and faster. In addition, the router will provide you with available information about the machine or vehicle, its status and the work performed.

With these products, you can anticipate the vehicles’ needs and check its health. You will be able to measure the machine profitability and efficiency thanks to the collected data.

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These will be secured by an authentication system. This system will therefore be able to manage access to the peripherals remotely.
It is a 100% mobile case that can be wired or wifi. Connectivity is extended to a wide range of devices and applications. Different configurations are available to best answer your needs.

This housing adapts perfectly to your activity. It is a sturdy and durable IP64 housing designed to fit the toughest environments. the connected housing is protected against splashing water and dust. It is also tested for shock, vibration, temperature and humidity in order to integrate into your most powerful vehicles.


Efa, a specialist in mobile devices, knows how to integrate these connected products into your vehicles and will help you choose the best solution for your activity. Each product is checked and tested in order to bring you only efficient and quality products.