Linear sensors

Linear sensors 

Efa offers a wide range of 15 linear sensors. They can measure between 5mm and 2000mm which allow them many applications within the off-road vehicle and industrial sector.
These are reliable and secure sensors but also flexible according to your needs, your machines and vehicles. They offer 3 types of technologies: Hall Effect, inductive technology and potentiometer.

You can choose according to your needs and your vehicles. Hall effect and inductive technologies’ main advantage is a longer service life since the two parts of the sensor are not in contact and are therefore unlikely to be affected by friction. The linear potentiometer’s advantage is that it operates under a very low current and with a wide voltage range, and is not affected by magnetic fields.

They adapt to all severe environments. They also detect positions and displacements in absolute or relative measurement in order to inform the operator in the best way.

Signal conditionning

Some sensors require a signal conditioning box to read the information. Curstiss Wright offers 4 products adapted to different sensors to read the signal in different ways.
All signal conditioning refers to position sensors. These are resistant and sturdy metal housings products you can easily integrate in your vehicles and machines.


Efa integrates in its expertise the commercialization of different tested and verified sensors in order to bring you quality products. We also offer to help you choose the sensor that best suits your needs and integrate it into your solutions.

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