Rotary sensors

Rotary sensors 

Efa offers a wide range of 10 rotary sensors. They allow angular measurements between 10 and 360 °. Some of the sensors are protected IP68 and IP69K. They are therefore resistant to immersion as well as dust and for some to steam jet.
They are very efficient and safe products that can give you the best accuracy and information possible. Some buyers are connected to your machine CAN bus network in order to make the information understanding simpler and faster. They offer 3 types of technologies: Hall Effect, inductive technology and potentiometer. 

Hall effect and inductive technologies’ main advantage is a longer service life since the two parts of the sensor are not in contact and are therefore unlikely to be affected by friction. The potentiometer’s advantage is that it operates under a very low current and with a wide voltage range, and is not affected by magnetic fields.

Accelerators sensors

Efa also offers 4 throttles and electric accelerators sensors. They are Williams controls products and therefore adapt to the Williams controls pedals and to any other electric throttle and accelerator.
For example, these products are used in motor sports to indicate the accelerator position. They are resistant IP66, 67 and 68 and 69K. One of these 4 angular sensors is equipped with Hall effect technology which makes it more resistant over time.

Efa integrates in its expertise the commercialization of different tested and verified sensors in order to bring you quality products. We also offer to help you choose the sensor that best suits your needs and integrate it into your solutions.

For added safety, some sensors are also EMI resistant. They find applications in the mobile sector but also in the industrial sector.

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