Trackunit is a geolocation and fleet management system. It is necessary to maximize your vehicles and machines profitability and safety.
Thanks to this plotter and its website, you can manage all your machines and vehicles. This will significantly increase your business productivity. It is a systemeasy to use that installs quickly and easily. You can control all vehicle information. To know its localization by GPS data, its working time, its state, its performances… Indeed, Trackunit’s telematic system permits having information flows to measure the machine efficiency and daily work. You will no longer have to fear the theft or unauthorized use of vehicles.

Indeed, you will always know its location and its movements. It is possible to secure the telematics system as much as possible by sending a code to the operator to start the machine. Their work will therefore be supervised in terms of hours and travel.

It is a telematics system that also allows increasing and adding functionality according to your activity evolution and your company. Fleet tracking becomes essential for manufacturers, resellers or users. The Trackunit data studies makes reduce the machines investments but also optimize the SAV. It helps the customer to better manage his machine or his vehicle.
This system also allows tracking and monitoring the location and use of vehicles or machines leased to other companies. The fleet operation will become safer and more efficient for the fleet manager, the different functionalities will meet your current and future needs.


Efa, a specialist in mobile devices, knows how to integrate these connected products into your vehicles and will help you choose the best solution for your activity. Each product is checked and tested in order to bring you only efficient and quality products

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