Radio remote controls

Radio remote controls

Radiocontrols are transmission vehicles for the machinery, equipment or vehicles’ automatic installations. It’s a system made up of a transmitter and a receiver box. Moreover the use of radiocontrols can significantly improve the working conditions and consequently increases your system’s productivity. In case of a complex and particular installation, the radiocontrol can be a solution
Radiocontrol can be used in a new system or in an old system’s modernization.
They are also made for environments with important congestion. They are omnidirectional and automatically search for different frequencies within the work area.
Radiocontrols can make a simple distance pilotage by buttons or a proportional one thanks to joysticks, the system can carry out actions by analogy.
It is a system that adapts to the industry and to the mobile machine


Efa is exclusiv AUTEC distributor in France.
AUTEC is a product manufacturer and service provider for users in industrial automation, process automation and information technology.
All AUTEC products comply with the EN ISO 13849-1 standard, which corresponds to the highest level of safety.
The company has also received various certifications for the safety of TÜV, the world leader in the verification of electronic systems for machines.
A team of engineers is dedicated to guide the customers in the choice of the most adapted radio-controlled system.
Moreover, their strong investment in research and development allows them to offer safe, efficient and innovating products.
This results in the addition of the best possible components and the constant improvement of the process guided by 3 principles: Safety, Solution and Service.

Industry sector

Radio controls are very often used in the industry sector. They considerably improve the working conditions of the operators. The radio controls are continually improving in order to adapt to this sector.

Mobile machine sector

Radio controls are omnipresent in the mobile equipment sector. Indeed, it is a system that adapts to any type of configuration and sectors, such as forestry, agricultural, construction machinery …