Anti collision solutions

Efa offers a wide range of Anti collision solutions and camera to increase your vehicles and operators safety. We offer cameras, monitors, 360 ° camera kit, quad as well as a 3D kit. Among these types of products, you will find easily an adapted solution to your machines. Indeed, each of these solutions offers security and comfort to operators. They prevent and also avoid daily accidents.

These technologies allow operators to check all around the vehicle constantly in order to avoid obstacles such as pedestrians, equipment, sidewalks …

All cameras offer quality images that enable them to detect danger simply and directly.
In addition, the 3Detection kit, coupled with adaptalarm, prevents incidents by customizable sounds. They are robust and easy to install in all types of vehicles. You can therefore choose the cameras location on your vehicles according to your daily trips and your machine.

All these collisions avoidance solutions represent a real source of safety and assurance. Do not wait for accidents to equip your vehicles. Ask Efa to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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