Accelerating pedals

Pedals are electronic throttle controls for medium or heavy duty commercial vehicles. Efa uses Williams control. It offers a range of 3 products: floor mounted electronic pedals, suspended electronic pedals and thumb throttle accelerators. In each range is composed of different products so that you can choose the product that suits your vehicles and machines. In addition, throttle  sensors are compatible with all major engine manufacturers. They suit all types of vehicles, from medium and heavy trucks to buses and coaches, as well as specialized, construction, handling and agricultural vehicles.

Efa helps you find  the accelerator the most suitable  to your vehicles so that you can find an optimum solution.

William controls

William controls Inc. works in close collaboration with engine and vehicle manufacturers
They have been developing their expertise since 1937 by producing various equipment and vehicles controls. For example, they produce pneumatic accelerator control systems or configurable joysticks.  The company is now the electronic throttle controls manufacture and design international leader (for trucks and buses). The William controls products meet the TS 16949 and ISO 1400 requirements
Their values are structured around product improvement, technical progress, employee safety and customer satisfaction.

Pédales de plancher Efa

Floor mounted electronic pedals

Floor mounted electronic pedals are fixed in the vehicle’s floor, that ensure a quality operation. They can have different mounting options thanks to 5 holes.

Pédales suspendues Efa

Electronic suspended pedals

Electronic suspended pedals aren’t fixed on the floor. They’re linked by a metal rod. They can have different mounting options thanks to the many holes.

Accélérateur au pouce Efa France

Thumb throttle accelerators

The thumb throttle accelerators are hand users throttle. The can perfectly adapt to a lot of vehicles.